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29 nov
SEDY Final Conference


Slotcongres van het SEDY (Sport Empowers Disabled Youth) project. Dit project wil bijdragen aan een verhoging van fysieke activiteiten van kinderen met een beperking.

The Erasmus+ funded Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY) Project is a 3-year initiative promoted by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The project runs from 2015 until 2017 and seven European countries (Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom) are participating. The main goal of the project was to obtain more knowledge of the fit between demand and supply considering sport for children with a disability and the best ways to support this group and thereby increase social integration.

As part of a two day completion of the project a conference on the topic “Sport Empowers Disabled Youth” is organised. This conference will take place on Wednesday 29 November 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The objective of this conference is to share the project outcomes and recommendations to a wide public of national and European policymakers, representatives from sport organizations, researchers, politicians and other stakeholders. More concrete, results on the current situation of sports for youth with disabilities in the participating countries, motivations behind physical activity for youth with a disability and outcomes of interventions to promote inclusion will be discussed.

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29 november 2017





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